Welcome young stoner! There comes a time when one must buy a bong, be it his first or second. Your quest may be hard, your quest may be tricky. But by following my clear guidelines and checking out the list of safe places to buy a bong you can complete your quest in no time!

Important check list

  • Does the bowl and downstem seperate? – If not then every time you empty ash you will drip water everywhere
  • Does the store offer tracked delivery? – If not then your parcel could easily be lost on the way
  • Test the customer support – Before you buy from a new place you should drop them a message previous to purchase to test their support
  • Do not worry too much as I have done all of these tasks for you. Take a look at the next paragraph and I will link you to a couple of great online shops.

    Where to find bongs for sale online

    First off I would check out https://www.glasscobongs.com/bongs-sale.html or https://www.smokersplaza.com/
    , if nothing takes your fancy then herbtools.ca has bongs for sale too. I’ve purchased from both so I am confident to recommend them to my readers, learn from my mistakes and only use tried and tested websites for your shopping needs. This way you can receive high quality products safely, discreetly and without the risk of being ripped off.

    bong vader

    So now you can smoke happy

    Bongs can be used to smoke all types of space gunk! A sterotype is that they are only used for cannabis. You will be pleased to know that using a water pipe is much safer compared to doobies, so smoke smart people!